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5 Tips for Planning Your Summer Garden

While the weather outside can be questionable during the spring months, this is the perfect time to start planning your garden, if you haven’t already. Whether you’re adding a few new pieces to an existing garden, making over parts of your yard, or going for a full installation, dream big. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Anne Roberts Gardens 12648424145_0ee268c477 1. Learn what kind of style you like. Perhaps you have a flair for vintage design inside your home and you want that style to continue outdoors. Choose repurposed containers such as wheelbarrows, crates, or even a dresser. Are you looking for cleaner lines outside? Express that modern or transitional template by choosing containers with clean lines, or adding a walkway with straight angles instead of curves.

2. Marsala is the Pantone Color of the Year, a beautiful brown-red tone that looks stunning in many landscapes. You may have noticed it while sipping that medium red wine while enjoying the fireplace over the holidays. Browse Pinterest for ideas on how to incorporate this color into your garden, then consult with Anne Roberts Gardens on which plants would work best in your soil.

3. How do you want your garden to function? Do you want to bring the outdoors in with beautiful hydrangeas that will look stunning in a tall glass vase? What about a Rosemary bush that can help you create a fabulous meal? Are you looking for a serene shade garden where you can enjoy some peace and quiet and perhaps some beautiful scents?

4. How much maintenance do you want to perform after the landscaping is installed? If you like to get your hands dirty, our landscape architect can Anne Roberts Gardens 6855147506_a50b01629f build a garden just for you. Want to simply enjoy the beauty each day? We can create that, too.

5. Of course, you’ll also need to consider your budget. Spend your winter months researching different types of hardscapes if you’re looking for a new patio. Adding trees? You’ll want to consider the age – and therefore the size – of the tree.

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