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6 Essential Spring Clean-up Recommendations

While spring cleaning (inside or out) may not be tops on everyone’s list of fun activities, our 6 spring clean-up recommendations will have your outdoor spaces looking fantastic for the months ahead.

If you remember, we already talked about the benefits of using some kind of pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer in the previous post.  Now we’ll look at the other items that should be addressed during spring clean-up time.

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Spring Gardening: Pre-emergent Treatment & Plant Feeding

Getting a jump start on tending to your lawn is one of the smartest things you can do during spring gardening season. While a lot of people tend to want to lush up their lawn once they notice it has some issues, the smarter move is to act early.

Pre-emergent weed control and fertilizers can do a lot to help your turf (and plants) during the spring gardening season. The tricky part is this:

  • Choosing the right products
  • Putting down the right amounts at the right time.

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Chicago Gardening: How Soon Can We Plant?

It’s officially spring, and although the big box stores have had us primed for the season since the holidays, now really is the perfect time to begin thinking about Chicago gardening activities.

Those who plan to do some major outdoor overhauls this year have probably (hopefully!) already contacted some landscapers to begin design work. Those who are looking to add just a little something to their outdoor spaces may be researching what they want to grow. If you’re getting antsy for outdoor gardening, this is a perfect time consider planting seeds indoors, assuming you have decent light inside your home or are willing to set up a grow light configuration somewhere.

But first…!  It’s important to figure out when to seed based on when you can safely transplant outdoors.

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Pre-season Garden Ideas: Starting Your Plants from Seed

My Pre-season Garden Ideas

I love sharing ideas about gardening, and now is a good time to talk reasons to consider starting your flower or vegetable gardens from seed. Once you know what they are, you can determine whether you’d like to try some indoor seeding yourself this season.

1. There are infinitely more varieties of plants available to you if you start from seed. Starting a less common variety from seed will allow you to experiment with different vegetables and vegetable varieties. As well, you’ll find that you can add to your flower gardens interesting and unusual blooms in great colors. For those looking to branch out from more common plants, indoor seeding is a great option.

2. Because many of the more interesting varieties of plants are native to southernly regions, direct seeding outdoors would not allow the seeds a long enough growing season to mature. These more exotic plants must be started indoors.

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