Thinking of Starting a Garden? Read This First

Few things can be as rewarding as having a garden. Aside from delicious vegetables and/or beautiful flowers, there’s something therapeutic about the steps involved in creating a garden and keeping it thriving long-term. And if you’ve never done it before, don’t worry—it’s a very practical endeavor if you start small and stay committed to the process. Here is some advice on how to get started:

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Bad Caterpillars v Good Caterpillars

The Difference Between Bad Caterpillars and Good Ones in Your Garden

Bad caterpillars can cause a lot of issues while seemingly offering no value to a homeowner or gardener. On the other hand, “good” caterpillars are the ones that turn into the beautiful butterflies that gardeners intentionally try to attract. Learn how to figure out the difference between the two. Then learn how to manage populations of “bad” caterpillars.

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Chicago Landscaping: Consider THESE Types of Gardens

Chicago Landscaping: Don’t Just Get “A Garden”! Get a Garden That You LOVE!

So, you know you want to refine or create some gardens in your outdoor areas, but I bet you may not have realized just how many types and styles of gardens you could choose from as you complete your Chicago landscaping plan!

While I have to admit that I’m partial to pollinator gardens because I’m passionate about providing habitats for bees, it makes sense for you to spend some time thinking about just what kinds of gardens you want to incorporate around your own living space.

Read on to learn about some interesting types and styles to choose from, even if you are just landscaping small areas.

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Best Veggies for Rooftop Gardens…and More!

Rooftop gardens aren’t just perfect for flowers and breezy, open-air sanctuaries. Uhuh.

Fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden are one of summer’s favorite delights. And just because you live in the city, there’s no need to forego some homegrown goodness. But before you put your crops in, we’ll give you a few pointers on veggies that are particularly well suited to highrise areas and rooftops – and what to look out for when you are choosing your plants, containers and rooftop locations.
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