How to Start

To begin, we recommend you start with an internal assessment of your propertyby youbefore calling in bigger guns, such as a landscape designer or architect. Take a little time to think about some of the challenges involved with your property, such as sloping, parking requirements or too much or too little sun. You’ll also want to define what you absolutely need to have incorporated in your project and what you’d like to incorporate if you can.

You may also want to consider possibilities you might not have considered before, like ways to dim sound or light pollution or a landscaping style change.

Other considerations include deciding on what you’d like to incorporate in your  plan. There are dozens of features, conveniences and considerations, like:

  • Any of a variety of garden bed features
  • Water features
  • Hardscapes you may envision, such as a firepit, patio or walkways
  • Outdoor structures, such as fences, arbors and pergolas


Once you have made an assessment and prioritized your wants and needs, you’ll have a map for beginning your landscape design.