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“My Tulips are Gone. Now What?!” – Post-Bloom Tulip Care

Tulip Care

Tulips ask so little of us, and yet give so much. To ensure that your tulip bulbs have the best chance of returning to greet you ever-so-cheerfully next year, a little tiny bit of maintenance will go a long way with these guys.

Post-Bloom Tulip Care

Once the bloom begins dropping its petals, take your pruning shears and cut the blossom near the top of the stem. This small maintenance item will help the tulip redirect its energy to bulb production instead of wasting that energy on a spent blossom. Once all of the tulip’s greenery has yellowed and wilted, remove the foliage by hand. If it comes off easily with a short tug, then it is ready to be removed. If not, give it a little more time before clearing it away.

Warm Season Tulip Care

Tulips don’t require any special maintenance once their showy blooms have withered and their greenery has been removed. A little watering during especially dry times may prevent drought damage (if you mark your tulip spots);  otherwise, the bulbs require no special care.

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When petals begin to fall, it's time to cut the blossom at the top of the tulip stem.

Cold Season Tulip Care

A layer of mulch during the winter months can help prevent cold damage. Just remember to remove any mulching in the spring.

Dividing Tulips

Hardy varieties of tulips should last many years, with their bulbs dividing to bring you just a little more cheer each season. After several years, take a look at the bulb clumps and if you notice overcrowding, divide the clumps and then replant, giving them room for growing.

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