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Custom Designed Hardscapes

Anne Roberts Gardens, Inc. uses natural stone and manufactured pavers to create beautiful, functional living spaces. We can incorporate hardscapes into virtually any landscape designs to create the ultimate outdoor experience.

  • Patios, Walkways and Driveways
  • Fire pits & Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Grills & Kitchens
  • Retaining Walls

In urban environments flooding can be an issue, managing storm water runoff is key. We are always looking for alternatives to hard surfaces, such as recycled product technology, that allows drainage. Permeable Pavers have become an option of choice, with special base preparation and spacing of bricks to allow water to drain as desired, and assist in earning LEED points.

Other features that can be included in your outdoor space are lighting and irrigation. Both add to the aesthetics of your space while working in harmony with your environment.

Anne Roberts Gardens hard1a
Anne Roberts Gardens hard2
Anne Roberts Gardens hard3
Anne Roberts Gardens hard2b


Landscape Lighting

Dramatic Accent Lighting

Nothing makes your landscape come alive like proper landscape lighting. Anne Roberts Gardens lighting designers use a variety of techniques and fixtures to provide a dramatic effect to your gardens or pathways.

  • Expand nighttime living space
  • Add beauty and curb appeal
  • Increase safety and security


Maintain Landscapes • Conserve water

Anne Roberts Gardens designs irrigations systems specific to your landscape needs. Our custom designed systems use the latest technology to maintain an optimal water supply to your landscapes and gardens. The result is a healthy landscape while conserving water and reducing your bill.

      • Intelligent water usage
      • Improve health and sustainability
      • Protect your investment & save money
Anne Roberts Gardens sprinkler

Anne Roberts Gardens can also address any drainage issues you may have.

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