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    Green Roofs


Green Roof Build, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance

Improving Urban Environments

Chicago has over 5 million square feet of green roofs, much of which is currently not meeting city ordinance standards. Maintaining a proper green roof reduces the urban heat island effect, promotes water conservation, improves air quality, reduces energy consumption, and provides for more usable space.

Anne Roberts Gardens’ experience and long-standing commitment to creating sustainable landscapes make us uniquely qualified to create or refurbish your green roof.  Meet or exceed LEED and city standards and turn your green roof into a lush beautiful spaces.

Green roof design is especially complex. It involves specific type and depth of plant medium, knowledge of building surfaces, and proper water management. Properly done, a green roof can save up to 80% of rainwater, significantly reduce energy consumption, and improve the environment and quality of life for building inhabitants.

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