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Spring Gardening: Pre-emergent Treatment & Plant Feeding

Getting a jump start on tending to your lawn is one of the smartest things you can do during spring gardening season. While a lot of people tend to want to lush up their lawn once they notice it has some issues, the smarter move is to act early.

Pre-emergent weed control and fertilizers can do a lot to help your turf (and plants) during the spring gardening season. The tricky part is this:

  • Choosing the right products
  • Putting down the right amounts at the right time.

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Lay Out a 5-Star Chicago Landscaping Plan for 2017

It’s easy to put off remodeling projects when we’re not sure where to begin. That said, figuring out how to start working on a 5-star, zone-5 Chicago landscaping plan can be broken down into a series of small assessments and decisions. Once you’re organized and have the information you need, you’ll be able to move your project along with confidence.
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Do You Know How to Handle These 9 Fall Clean-up Items?

Premier Landscaping Tip: Check Off These 9 Work Details to Ready Your Yard for Spring

Many people approach fall with mixed feelings. While we’re generally sad to say goodbye to summer, fall can be refreshing. The temps are generally perfect for outdoor work, and getting your outdoor space winter-ready and in shape for next year’s outdoor time means ticking off ALL of the applicable items on this list.

Read on: We’ll tell you what to do and how.
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Is Late Summer/Fall the Best Time to Install Sod?

True: Late summer and early fall rank as the top time period for sodding. Sod can be and is planted at any time during the growing season and sod’s needs are also fairly well matched for the spring, but let’s look at why landscaping your Chicago yard with sod in fall makes the most sense. While we’re at it, we’ll take a look at the reasons for choosing sod and how to care for it.

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