Bad Caterpillars v Good Caterpillars

The Difference Between Bad Caterpillars and Good Ones in Your Garden

Bad caterpillars can cause a lot of issues while seemingly offering no value to a homeowner or gardener. On the other hand, “good” caterpillars are the ones that turn into the beautiful butterflies that gardeners intentionally try to attract. Learn how to figure out the difference between the two. Then learn how to manage populations of “bad” caterpillars.

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Chicago Landscaping: Planter Designs for the 4th of July!

Have Some Fun Making Your 4th of July Planters with the Kids and Grands!

Regardless of whether you plan to spend your 4th of July enjoying a quiet day or are hosting or attending a big party, we found some great ways to party-up your planters for the holiday. You can use these ideas at for home –  or if you’re extra nice, you can give them as gifts to your party hosts. Here are some of our favorite ideas from around the Web!

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