Chicago Landscaping with Pergolas, Courtyards & Fences

Chicago Landscaping Ideas: Cozy Up Your Outdoor Space While Creating Definition

When you are landscaping outdoor areas in cities like Chicago, there are a variety of tactics you can use to create an atmosphere that is both inviting and private. Creative approaches to developing a great space can include incorporating anything from structures like fences and pergolas to using plants to create privacy. Whatever your budget and preferences, the bottom line is that where there’s a will, there is most definitely a way!

Take a look at some inspirational ideas that can help transform your outdoor space from blah to cozy! Then, spend some time outside in your spaces imagining what could be.

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How to Choose Which Chicago Landscaper You Should Hire

How to Hire a Landscaper

Have you tried getting an estimate from a Chicago landscaper for your big outdoor plans yet? If you’re like most people, chances are that you plan on getting more than one estimate. As well, you’ll probably want to find out what at least a couple of different landscapers will propose for your space. But how do you decide which landscaper to hire?

Here’s our advice.

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Designing Your Custom Patio: A Look at Material Options

Once you’ve decided on building a custom patio or on redoing your current walkways, driveway or patio, you’ll need to decide on the material you want to use. There are relative advantages and disadvantages to each of the major groupings of materials – stone, brick or concrete.

Deciding on materials is going to be a matter of your home’s aesthetic, your taste, budget and a consideration of the pros (and cons) of each type of material.

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Patio Planning: First Steps to Plotting Your Outdoor Overhaul

Patio planning – or any kind of large outdoor overhaul – can seem downright intimidating. Your focus can jump from the exciting thought of finally creating the perfect outdoor space to worrying about screwing up by not adequately knowing what you really want in the new design or how to communicate what you do want.

That’s understandable. After all, creating your outdoor oasis involves a significant financial investment. When you’re ready to commit, you’ll want to feel assured that you’re getting the design right.

Well, you can get rid of some of those nerves by doing a little prep work on your own. Read on to find out what we recommend to get started.

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Rooftop Garden Samples and Inspiration

If you’re thinking about how you can transform your rooftop into useable garden and leisure space, you’ll want some rooftop garden ideas before beginning the project. In this post, we’re giving you resources and links to sources of inspiration.

Also, you can read our primers on practical considerations for rooftop gardens here on our blog:

  1. When You’re Thinking About a Rooftop Garden
  2. Best Veggies for Rooftop Gardens…and More Considerations

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